Elizabeth Wilson | President & CEO


As President and Chief Executive Officer of Compass X-Ray™ Services, Inc. Elizabeth brings more than eighteen years operational leadership, executive management experience and industry expertise to her role with the company.

Elizabeth was the founding Director of one of the nation's largest scanning and x-ray businesses. In that role Elizabeth took a special interest in paving the way for women in the niche NDT construction field. She led teams across the country and has managed several high profile projects from stadiums to national landmarks.

Elizabeth is a certified Radiographer and 

in addition to her extensive operations and field management background Elizabeth holds multiple industrial radiography, ground penetrating radar and safety certifications including Geophysical survey systems in ground penetrating radar, bridge scan, underground utility locating, RAD SAFETY, ASNT-IRRSP and OSHA 30.    

Elizabeth has built a reputation as a respected and innovative industrial radiography leader for concrete applications nationally.  She remains focused on safety, with an emphasis on R & D, adapting state-of-the-art medical x-ray equipment into the construction market for safer use.  

As President and CEO of Compass X-Ray™ Elizabeth continues to move the needle in the NDT Construction industry with her passion for safety and vision for moving digital industrial radiography into the structural marketplace.  


John Stewart | RSO, Level III


 John Stewart is RSO and Level III NDT for Compass and is dedicated to the safety and compliance of the team at Compass. John is an ASNT Level III RT, UT, and PT, NAS 410 Level III RT, UT, PT, VT and MT NDT engineer. 

John over the course of his twenty-year career in NDT has trained technicians for companies such as SpaceX, Goodrich Aerospace and Northrop Grumman. 

John is a United States Navy Veteran and served as a Navy "Seabee" attached to Amphibious Construction Battalion 2. 

John is also the founder of the American Aerospace Technology Academy (AATA) in Los Angeles. The AATA was founded when John decided to dedicate himself full-time to helping economically disadvantage and veterans struggling with poor job prospects secure fulfilling careers in his field. 

John believed that by addressing inadequate STEM opportunities, one could empower youth and returning military veterans to fill the shortage of NDT professionals in many of California’s booming industries. 

John remains steadfast in spreading his passion for radiation safety and consulting to our current and future staff members as well as the valuable customers of Compass.