Terms and Conditions

Compass X-Ray™ Terms and Conditions


1. Compass X-Ray™ offers x-ray services to the construction industry using digital detectors and x-ray generating machines. Compass X-Ray™ may also utilize ground-penetrating radar in conjunction with x-ray, or independently where conditions permit, where the additional data collected benefits the investigation of the target.

2. Compass X-Ray™ will provide images for the customer’s review and transpose the image to the target surface when requested by the customer. The final decision on cutting a target and the exact location of the cut, rest solely with the customer. The customer is advised to use all available evidence for the target including any plans and as-built drawings. Customer is advised to carefully review all images.

3. Compass X-Ray™ strongly recommends cutting no closer than 2” to the outside perimeter of any probable rebar identified, cutting no closer than 3” to the outside perimeter of any probable conduit and cutting no closer than 6” to the outside perimeter of any probable tension cable. Customer is advised that tension cables and conduit can be located beneath rebar and may not be independently distinguishable on an image.

4. Compass X-Ray™ will not accept liability for an inaccurate interpretation or any other reason, and customer agrees to release and indemnify Compass X-Ray™ and its owners and agents from all losses and damages from all alleged negligence and/or contract claims by customer or any third party. Compass X-Ray™ does not make any express or implied warranty as to the result of the services provided. These terms and conditions supersede any other previous terms and conditions either oral or written.

Site Requirements

5. Customer is responsible for providing accessible work areas free of restrictions and hazards. If site conditions inhibit the progress of Compass X-Ray™ then additional charges may be incurred including standby time

charges. In order to x-ray a target clear access from both sides of the target is required. It is the customer's responsibility to prepare the site for examination including clearly identifying areas to be examined, securing

access to all areas required, and keeping these areas clean and free of


6. Compass X-Ray™ machines are chosen to use the lowest radiation consistent with obtaining clear images and consistent with Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“ALARA” – radiation as low as reasonably

achievable). Consistent with Title 10 an exclusion zone must be in place to prevent unauthorized access to areas of radiation. Customer agrees to abide by any restrictions on movement and to inform all employees and

subcontractors of their obligations to comply with such requirements.

7. Customer agrees to provide safe scaffolding, platforms or lift equipment where a target is 12 ft. or more from a secure horizontal surface. Customer agrees to provide a secure uninterrupted electrical supply

capable of 1kw power at 110v supply. Payment Terms

8. Unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance of work commencing, all invoices are due upon receipt.

9. Customer shall pay all collection costs, including, but not limited to, court costs, attorneys’ fees and expert fees in addition to all other sums due should it be necessary to place customer account with a collection agency

or similar service.

Customer accepts all terms conditions stated in this document upon scheduling